Who is Kreative-Droid?

Updated 07/05/2017

Some of you may well ask, why have a nickname like Kreative-Droid? For one thing, it sounds so much better than creative-nerd or a really clever bloke who enjoys Sci-Fi and while I may not be a Michael Angelo or Monet or even in the league of JK Rowling and Isaac Asimov or even those talented people in the movie industries special effects industry. Yet, however lacking I may consider myself against those above, I still like to create things.

I suppose it began when I was a child who realized he liked to make things, which led to assembling model airplane kits and it is the same with building models and like many things in life, there is progression. The result is going from crude gluing and minimal painting, if any paint at all, to now adding sound and lights. The end results winning various awards in competitions. In fact, I still have a model in my collection that survived my life for over forty years.

Another thing I had as a child was a pretty damn good imagination. This led me to tell stories and play games full of monsters, bad guys and places other than the back yards of Brisbane. Of course, this imagination was fueled by reading. In the beginning, was Dr. Suess then came the ‘Little Golden books series, as long as the book wasn’t too girly.  As I grew I started reading abridged versions of Jules Verne novels, before moving over to H.G. Well, Asimov, James Blish and more.

Leap forward to the late 70’s and I write my first manuscript, hand-written on two foolscap pads, which I have misplaced long ago. Now we step out of the TARDIS in Christmas week of 2015. I turn to my lovely wife and declare I will write a novel.


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