Terror Australis in now on the digital shelves

The culmination of almost three years worth of wordcraft, rewrites, edits, more edits and killing my darlings with more edits has officially reached fruition. On October tenth I submitted the novel to Kindle for $2.99 US.

So why is it I felt this dull anti-climax feeling with a small sense of sadness and trepidation. Why you may ask?

As I said thirty-four month of investment. A time in which I nurtured the spark of characters. I lived with their pain, angst, life, death, and heroism. The machinations of my antagonists; yes there is more than one. The confusion, guilt, and strength of my protagonist and the ensuing ensemble. All of these things became personal as they grew through their arcs. So when the submit button was pushed it was akin to seeing your children leave home.

You raised them, schooled them, fed and cared for them and now they are on there own amongst the many others who would compete for their and the stories favor. A story which, in my humble opinion, is a bloody good one.

How to write freely and without fear

The Cat's Write

Have you ever sat down to work on your novel, only to have your fingers seize up and your imagination wither into a million atomic-seized particles? And was it because an adverb accidentally slipped out and you have no clue how to describe Becky’s great hair without saying it looked like a “tightly coiled halo of ringlets”?

If this is an accurate description of yourself, then you and I could be adverb soul mates! And if you’ve read On Writing by Stephen King, you will understand how much of a sin the adverb can be. Sorry, I said that wrong. It’s not a sin, but a hallmark of a bad writer.

And look, I’m gonna have to agree. It’s okay to use them sparingly, but if you search your WIP and can find more than 10,000 words ending in ‘ly’, then yes, you may have a problem, one that may…

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