Building or assembling a model kit… 

To the everyday person and basic hobbyist we will often say proudly to somebody, “look what I built.”

I know I do. However the professional or serious hobbyist if it comes from a box then it is not built it is assembled.Simply put for me it comes down to semantics because the end result is the same.

In the past I have simply constructed – whoops there’s another word – I mean built many kits straight out of the box or O O B if you like acronyms and I have also added extra detail to them. By extra detail I don’t just mean elaborate or custom paintwork.I am referring to extra pieces made to add the basic kit. for example I bought a resin kit of the submarine used in the movie ‘Fantastic Voyage’ The interior was fairly straight forward with the main piece only having the basic panels…

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So some simple things like thine electrical wire added for cables a piece of plastic shaped to resemble a small fire extinguisher and some I beam sections cut and shaped for the internal bracing, ladder and Grants chair. All small things but add so much more to the final product.

So I added extra complexity to the assembly when I built the model.

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