Virtual Worlds, Simulated Film Worlds – And The Episodic Memories We All Live!



Virtual Worlds, Simulated Film Worlds – And The Episodic Memories We All Live!

Films that shape the spurious and delve into human simulation are bringing ‘Real’ conscious feasibility of the reality that we may exist inside of a Simulation of our Own Origins!

‘Existing inside these Paradoxical Walls until someone or something triggers an awakening and usually has a Matrix of Consequences’. These movies that tackle such topics have us questioning the big issue – our existence. Can our world and many other worlds be created by simulations within simulations. This notion may lead us to feel inconsequential in nature and in the hierarchy of life, but just may fuel an even more urgent and greater searching for the true Origins of our Own Existence.


The main character in The Matrix (with help) has been awakened from another subservient reality. This other reality was his only life – until now…

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56 copies sold and Two Four-Star reviews

I am sincerely grateful and humbled by the idea of my story being favored by complete strangers who want to a; buy the book and b; leave their thoughts and ratings is both gratifying and humbling.

So, thank you to all those readers from across the globe who bought Terror Australis, and a very sincere thanks to the two readers who awarded the book with four stars.