With my better half strutting her talent on stage tonight, I slummed out the late afternoon and evening with pizza, ale and some good old fashion Netflix and Amazon TV binging.

Tonight I finished the first season of Titans. Man, that is a dark series. This darker tone and grittier feel seemed a good way to ground it and now I want to find out where it goes so Netflix and DC please sighn off on a next series.

I will be honest and admit to not being a huge comic book collector or reader but the producers of this and other new superhero TV shows of late seem to have finally understood there is a much larger audience who can enjoy the story without the armed knowledge of being a comic book reader, collector and fan.

Lets hope this ideology continues.

Terror Australis has a new site

The books original website proved clunky and awkward to use, post etc. So I have now started a new site. https://terror-australis.blog/

Yes, the book has been on the market for a couple of months but that in no way means a web page is redundant for the book. Why? because all things need to evolve.

Does the journey of Ried continue?

Okay, hands up who hasn’t written much on the second book in the Off-worlder series?

Oh yeah… That would be me.

But rest assured Ried’s adventures and troubles are not forgotten. It is true the last three months have seen a detour of my time between a little modeling work; no knot that sort of modeling. Strewth have you seen this body? I meant model assembly and painting. And no my build of the Millennium Falcon is not yet finished. I did, however, complete a project for my sister to give her at Christmas.

Mmm handsome and clever am I

But wait! there is more news da… DA … DAAA

I have been learn how to craft my voice skills in a vain attempt to produce an Audiobook from Terror Australis.

I know right…

What I have learned from that is mind blowing and challenging. But so was learning to Rock Climb and Skydive.

So 2019 let the games begin…

The Realities We Dream!



The Realities We Dream!

The ‘Perceiving State’ we are all under in dreams convinces us that this is the true reality we are experiencing and in ‘Waking Life’ we are under the same influence of this perceived state to be likewise convinced without a doubt that this is our true reality. In either state from waking life to dreaming state, it is the indistinguishable characteristics in similarities that we cannot ignore the possibility that we maybe dreaming right now!

Lucid Being

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