I found myself at a cross road wondering which path to take.

While Terror Australis is away being reviewed by the editor, I’ve been ticking away at the second book’s manuscript. At this point, I am now nearing the end of the first act and I want to give Ried some added emotional challenge.

First, let me set the scene…

Our hero, trapped on an alternate but vastly different earth, meets his alternate family. From their perspective, the alternative was a cruel sadistic traitor. While the hero is almost the opposite in many ways.

So, the alternate family meets the hero: Do they shun him? Do they vent anger and distrust? Or by taking him into the fold, do they see a chance at the families redemption.

But what about our hero? To him, his family is lost. So how would he feel seeing an alternate version of those he loved. Deep down he wants to go or at least find a home. Would the alternate family provide that or would it slap at his loss and longing?

I appreciate no one knows the story of Ried’s adventures on an intimate level, but what I seeking is some thoughts and opinions to throw into the melting pot.