Deciding on a better character name

It is getting closer to launch day for my book and all of a sudden I find the need to give my Protagonist a stronger, punchier name. With the help of Thesaurus .com and a bit of mental agonizing these are the final six.

Any votes greatly appreciated.

1. Benjamin (Ben) Ried
2. Benjamin (Ben) Thorne
3. Benjamin (Ben) Steele
4. Benjamin (Ben) Lance
5. Benjamin (Ben) Stone
6. Benjamin (Ben) Ward

2 thoughts on “Deciding on a better character name

  1. I think Ried followed by Stone are my choices. b ward makes me think of Batman, while Steele makes me think of cold hard and calculating. Thorne while prickly could be seen as something that could bend. Stone is enduring and strong but Ried sounds strong when you say it and doesn’t make me think of anything in particular, leaving it open for you to stamp your characteristics onto that name.


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