Does the journey of Ried continue?

Okay, hands up who hasn’t written much on the second book in the Off-worlder series?

Oh yeah… That would be me.

But rest assured Ried’s adventures and troubles are not forgotten. It is true the last three months have seen a detour of my time between a little modeling work; no knot that sort of modeling. Strewth have you seen this body? I meant model assembly and painting. And no my build of the Millennium Falcon is not yet finished. I did, however, complete a project for my sister to give her at Christmas.

Mmm handsome and clever am I

But wait! there is more news da… DA … DAAA

I have been learn how to craft my voice skills in a vain attempt to produce an Audiobook from Terror Australis.

I know right…

What I have learned from that is mind blowing and challenging. But so was learning to Rock Climb and Skydive.

So 2019 let the games begin…

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