Terror Australis has a new site

The books original website proved clunky and awkward to use, post etc. So I have now started a new site. https://terror-australis.blog/

Yes, the book has been on the market for a couple of months but that in no way means a web page is redundant for the book. Why? because all things need to evolve.

Terror Australis now on Netgalley!!!

For those on NetGalley, Ried’s adventures are now available for review. However, if you aren’t with NetGalley then please share the link with your friends who may be and want to read a cool story.  


56 copies sold and Two Four-Star reviews

I am sincerely grateful and humbled by the idea of my story being favored by complete strangers who want to a; buy the book and b; leave their thoughts and ratings is both gratifying and humbling.

So, thank you to all those readers from across the globe who bought Terror Australis, and a very sincere thanks to the two readers who awarded the book with four stars.