Does the journey of Ried continue?

Okay, hands up who hasn’t written much on the second book in the Off-worlder series?

Oh yeah… That would be me.

But rest assured Ried’s adventures and troubles are not forgotten. It is true the last three months have seen a detour of my time between a little modeling work; no knot that sort of modeling. Strewth have you seen this body? I meant model assembly and painting. And no my build of the Millennium Falcon is not yet finished. I did, however, complete a project for my sister to give her at Christmas.

Mmm handsome and clever am I

But wait! there is more news da… DA … DAAA

I have been learn how to craft my voice skills in a vain attempt to produce an Audiobook from Terror Australis.

I know right…

What I have learned from that is mind blowing and challenging. But so was learning to Rock Climb and Skydive.

So 2019 let the games begin…

The Realities We Dream!



The Realities We Dream!

The ‘Perceiving State’ we are all under in dreams convinces us that this is the true reality we are experiencing and in ‘Waking Life’ we are under the same influence of this perceived state to be likewise convinced without a doubt that this is our true reality. In either state from waking life to dreaming state, it is the indistinguishable characteristics in similarities that we cannot ignore the possibility that we maybe dreaming right now!

Lucid Being

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Virtual Worlds, Simulated Film Worlds – And The Episodic Memories We All Live!



Virtual Worlds, Simulated Film Worlds – And The Episodic Memories We All Live!

Films that shape the spurious and delve into human simulation are bringing ‘Real’ conscious feasibility of the reality that we may exist inside of a Simulation of our Own Origins!

‘Existing inside these Paradoxical Walls until someone or something triggers an awakening and usually has a Matrix of Consequences’. These movies that tackle such topics have us questioning the big issue – our existence. Can our world and many other worlds be created by simulations within simulations. This notion may lead us to feel inconsequential in nature and in the hierarchy of life, but just may fuel an even more urgent and greater searching for the true Origins of our Own Existence.


The main character in The Matrix (with help) has been awakened from another subservient reality. This other reality was his only life – until now…

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