Models – static

I should mention that none of the pictures or images of any of the kits I have built are done by a professional. For some that is certainly an injustice but for others…

Mad Max Two Interceptor.

A heavily modified Aoshima 1/24 scale kit where I added and scratch built tool boxes, the carton of  dog food as well as adding additional pieces from other kits fro the Jerry cans, wrench, dogs mattress etc. I also carefully removed the driver and passenger windows from the one piece clear part. The painting is with acrylic model paints, artist chalks and pastels.

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Another modified kit is the 1/24th scale Eagle from Space 1999.

To bring it closer to an actual studio model I needed to add extra piping around the engines. I remodeled the doors to the correct profile and I added a basic cabin interior with a pilot. The landing legs were modified to work with hinge points and springs. It was painted via auto primers out of rattle cans. I used auto primers because resin kits don’t always play well with acrylic paints. the weathering is a very similar process to the original studio model with chalks and pencil and some auto pin-striping for the the detail on the main spine. The various aztecking panels were airbrushed using masking tape and inks

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