How to write freely and without fear

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Have you ever sat down to work on your novel, only to have your fingers seize up and your imagination wither into a million atomic-seized particles? And was it because an adverb accidentally slipped out and you have no clue how to describe Becky’s great hair without saying it looked like a “tightly coiled halo of ringlets”?

If this is an accurate description of yourself, then you and I could be adverb soul mates! And if you’ve read On Writing by Stephen King, you will understand how much of a sin the adverb can be. Sorry, I said that wrong. It’s not a sin, but a hallmark of a bad writer.

And look, I’m gonna have to agree. It’s okay to use them sparingly, but if you search your WIP and can find more than 10,000 words ending in ‘ly’, then yes, you may have a problem, one that may…

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Frank Solanki

I think I am forgetting something I shouldn’t forget
I’ve marked it on the calendar but the reason hasn’t struck yet
Is it Anne’s anniversary? Is it Beth’s birthday?
Am I supposed to be at home? Or go out with Beyonce?
Am I supposed to be at Fred’s to catch a football game?
If I’ve stood you up today, I am not to blame
Blame it on my memory. It’s faulty and it’s frail
Storage is all well and good but retrieval is a fail
That’s what age makes you do. Everything goes astray
Oh boy I can’t remember just what it is today

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I have a blog page… and…

Here is a question I recently posed myself. Why have a blog if you do little or nothing with it?

“Good grief” I cry out before thinking about the question. Sadly I find my answer a little recriminatory and a slight personal challenge. I started it to share and perhaps gain some personal growth, and one of those growth areas is to continue with something new and not lose focus or let myself be diverted with distractions. Oh wait, I still need to share as well

“Oh the distractions,” I hear myself moan, “all of life is a distraction in one way or another.”

So perhaps it’s time to consider those distractions as tools and in some cases actual adventures. Not an Indiana Jones adventure maybe but adventures none the less.

As for sharing, well that the recrimination part. Obviously, I’m not going to share what I eat on a daily basis nor what I find comfortable to wear in bed. (for those who know me I ‘m sorry for the image.) What I will promise is not to post or share an overabundance of trivia about what funny cats, dog, people and mottos I’ve seen. There are enough people on facebook who do that already. I mean where do they find the time to look for these?

Yesterday, when I looked at my site, I realised with some embarrassment it has been around three months since I last submitted a post. While I sit here, I can hear the voice of Septa Unella balling out “Shame… Shame…” while she chimes the bell. My only blessing is there are no angry peasants in my study throwing their expelled waste at me.

Hence I will do what I have done with writing my manuscript… Make the time!

If I can teach myself to make the time to write then I can damn well make the time to blog.

At least once a week anyway (he adds meekly).