Ertyl/MPC Millenium Falcon update No 6

Four weeks. Yep, Four weeks since my last update. So what has happened in that time? Well, I have taken my one-act play around the festival circuit with success and disappointment and work still manages to dominate. Funny about that…

However, I still managed to spend several hours most nights to put time into the model in finishing off additional detail to the lower hull and the gun well.

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For reasons unknown, I decided to paint the top hull before gluing the upper and lower sub-assemblies together. The start of the process was with a black primer followed by a grey auto primer filler. When this was fully cured I applied the first base colour Tamiya Deck Tan followed by a lot of pre-shading before the three thin coats of the custom made base colour. Then began the  This I did by using a mix of mediums which included pastels various washes, a touch of dry brushing and attacking certain areas with modeling knife, files, and drill bits.

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Last week saw the joining of the hulls and painting the bottom hull, but I will cover that off later.


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