My manuscripts Journey after March…

After March, I entered an online creative writing course. Again my tutor was full of praise and respectful criticisms combined with suggestions. It was like an injection of adrenaline. The voice of all my characters changed as did my scene breaks and endings. With renewed vigour, I powered along putting pressure on my hero and protagonists alike. I also worked on making BJ more vulnerable.

There was never a doubt he could handle himself in a fight, but I felt he needed the little things like self-doubt, A shyness around women and a slight fear of spiders. I didn’t want him to be the cliché self-assured, suave and charismatic hero.

Then in June almost six months since the first keystroke I typed ‘The End.’ I had finished the first draft of my first manuscript. (Que Handles ‘Fire Works overture.) So what did I have after all that?
Firstly, the final plot: – My hero travels a path starting with confusion and loss to becoming a saviour of sorts.

BJ is an ex-Australian soldier disillusioned by his time in Afghanistan and not fitting into a civilian life back home. On his way to a new job, he encounters a dimensional rift which takes him from 2015, trapping him in a near future world vastly different from his own, regardless of its similarities. BJ this new world recovering from decades of devastation after being invaded by an alien race of modern Romans. Can BJ find his way through Nomadic tribes, scheming and treacherous Roman overlords, their local militant police force with its bullies and corruption?

Genre: – Speculative fiction with dystopian and post-apocalyptic themes.
The chapter count: – 31
The word count: – 129500
Now comes the cold emotional part of editing…

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