Writing course

Hows this for inventive thinking…

Start a manuscript and then do an online creative writing course. Why it makes perfectly good sense.

Actually it kind of does make sense. I have learnt so much that I think doing the edit on the first draft will be as difficult and also as much fun as when I write it. I say write because I am still working on the final chapters.

Things like dialogue… telling rather than showing… These two I might still get a little wrong occasionally. When to add detail and when not to. Not repeating the same word in all aspects from dialogue to description and avoiding the comfort words – as, had and that!

The course I’ve almost completed is – http://www.writerstudio.com.au/course-info/four-week-unlocking-creativity-course-online.html

The online tutor has been both very helpful and sincere in his critique. But of coarse now it’s up to me to keep all I’ve learned to improve my manuscript.

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