Writing Exercise Two…

Through my working career in the varying manager roles I often have to guide and council my staff. It’s a job requirement as a leader but one I always find hard. How can I guide and help others when I am not perfect myself? Now before you cry out “but no one is perfect.” My brains logical left side would agree, but the emotional right side cries in constant desperation as it seeks perfection. So over time I have used a saying on others – perfection is a state of the mind… not a state of the being – which usually ends up with me getting weird crazy person looks.

Okay I’m not perfect and as a human being I never will be. Yet I still find that is what I need myself to be. Worse still is when I do something I thing is as damn near perfection as I can get it and put it out to the world somebody will point out a flaw and the voice in my head screams, “I told you it had to be perfect! You are such an embarrassment.”

I know and understand myself well enough to accept that when I get my book to a level that a publisher will accept I will still have an almighty bloody battle within about whether it is the perfect copy to send and so won’t lead to failure and rejection…

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