Exercise three…

“Writing is a confidence game. Fake it until you make it. A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” (taken from the course material)

I love that quote but I suck at the game of confidence… or so I had once believed. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means your common stereotypical confidant male. In fact, for much of the time I am the complete opposite. You could almost say I am a walking, talking and breathing contradiction.

The one thing I have found in writing my book is the power and weakness of its control. I have the power to start writing where I left off and so breath light and life into the world and people I have created. Yet at the same time I have found a weakness to control a scene or character and so there is a struggle to see who gets on the page, me or them.

I found out through a seminar I recently attended that I am more of a “pantser rather than a plotter.” For a bloke that word pantser led to all sorts of unwanted acronyms. But what it actually means is I write by the seat of my pants much like Stephen King and that’s where the comparison ends by the way.

So I suppose in context I am fifty shades of arrogant with my writing. However, all those degrees of arrogance in no way counter balance my faltering confidence game. Yet.

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